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My #PitchWars Mentee Bio

This will be my 2nd year entering Pitch Wars, and I couldn’t be any more excited. To celebrate, I’ve created an official mentee bio so all the potential adult mentors know what they’re getting themselves into. I’ll be submitting a totally new MS this year in the adult category titled …


My Story “1 Star” Has Been Unleashed

So I wrote this story earlier in the year after a trip to Walmart where I almost looked up reviews for a toothbrush. How pathetic, right? (Don’t worry, I didn’t. I can keep my dignity.) But I realized something—we, as a society, have been trained to rate things, and to judge those …


Improve Your Writing by Watching TV (Part 2)

I’ve watched/begun watching a whole bunch of shows since the first list, which can be found here. Damn Netflix. Damn binge watching. Damn my everlasting quest to find the perfect tale. My top show remains, without a doubt, Breaking Bad. I believe it had a complete story to tell, the …


Never Give Up

Everybody dreams. It’s something of a cliché in movies. The desperate, struggling artist. He or she becomes completely obsessed with the idea that they’re on the verge of their big break. They sniff and are able to smell the faint trail of victory hanging in the air. These damned people …


The House Hunters Band

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been up to my neck in DIYs. I’m getting my current home ready for the market. For most of this epic journey, I’ve felt great and productive and sort of like a local hero. I imagine my community gathers at night at the dog …

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