The Memory Eater Paperback Proof Has Arrived

There was a knock.  Then a pound.  I turned to my wife, and we said with our eyes, “Zombie apocalypse?”  I had to work up the courage to answer the door, but with a replica war axe I purchased from the medieval fair clenched in my right hand, I swung open the door only to find that the UPS guy had practiced a pitch for the major leagues with my package.

Five minutes later, this is what unfolded:

The Pose.


It can stand by itself.

Nice rear.

Table of contents.

Part story, part illustration.


I’m blown away by how the book has turned out.  After starting work on the project back in March of 2011, to finally have it in my hands is an amazing feeling.  It far exceeds my expectations, especially considering there were a handful of last minute changes.  I’ll be skimming through the proof this week, then hopefully place the bulk order next week. 

I can’t wait to get the finished product in everyone’s hands to see what you all think.  Until the next update, rest assured that I’m working hard (part of it is my OCD) to make sure this book is perfect!

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